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Ziro is the new hero

India is place which is full of gems one among them is the less known place called as “Ziro”. This place is situated in the heart of Arunachal Pradesh; this amazing gem is still known by few people around the globe. So all the people who have traveler spirit and wants to taste new adventures at new places every time then this place welcomes you with an open heart. This place is the new favorite for those who travel to stunning landscapes.  This article will help you explore more about this amazing eastern Himalayan town. The Apatani tribe adds the essence of beauty to this place which can be noticed easily.


How to reach this amazing hidden Gem

By road: Hire a taxi from Guwahati (approx 470 km), it takes 7 hours via NH27 & NH15. Government buses are also available to reach there, the buses Itanagar to Ziro for affordable rates

By air: Likabali and Tezpur are the closest airports but unreliable due to the flight schedule hence take a flight from Guwahati and then board for further vehicles.

By rail: The closest railhead is Naharlagun and is about 3 hours away from Ziro. One can board an overnight (about 3 hours away from Ziro). One can board an overnight train from Guwahati to Naharlagun.

Permits required

This place comes under the restricted region which needs a permission to step into; the Arunachal Pradesh government the permission is granted from the government they give an Inner line permit. The permit is given as a routine to the tourists so that the tourists can also experience this amazing place and it’s culture. Permits can also be obtained at Naharlagun or North Lakhimpur station but I would advise to do it online to avoid the rush at stations. Fees to get the permit are around INR 100.

Best time to visit the place

This place is blessed with amazing weather all over the year but the best time is post monsoon that is the third week of September, this is the peak time where you can enjoy the lush green valley in the best possible way. Whenever you plan to pack your bags for this place make sure it’s around the end of September so that you can get the best out of this amazing place also, around the 3rd week of September an annual Ziro festival of music is organized, where top music artists from across the country come down to collectively entertain, camp and celebrate.

Hotels to stay in Ziro valley

There are many places in this amazing valley to stay in but most of them are really expensive. There are few decently priced places to stay that won’t make a whole in your pocket.

  • Hotel valley is a great option to stay.
  • Hotel blue pine and Ziro resort are one of the best places to stay there.

Ziro music festival

Ziro is a perfect destination for all the music lovers out there because there’s an amazing event that takes place at this alluring place which is popularly known as Ziro music festival, all the famous artists around the globe come here to participate in this and become a part of this festival. This is the main attraction of the youth that they enjoy this festival a lot.

Ziro valley has been in news from past couple of years for all the right reasons, this music festival is the major attraction of the tourists, this year the music festival is right the corner that is 27 September 2018. Artists from all over the world are all set to perform on this event. Located in Lower Subansiri district in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, the picturesque green valley is a perfect place for an independent artists music festival. A festival that together some of the best musical talents of India to a diverse audience hungry for some original cool music. A vibrant mixture of art, music, and culture, Ziro Festival 2018 has now become a “go to” destination for the youngsters and hip enthusiasts who want to get high on music.

Apatani women culture:

This place is famous for it’s culture the Apatani women are considered to be the most beauteous among all the other towns of Arunachal Pradesh. People over there give a great emphasis on the piercings and one can find many people with amazing piercings.

One very unique part is that you do witness women with face tattoos, boho look is very. The women of this tribe practice all these things to look unattractive but still these women look so pretty with these things on. This is the only trib who practices Danyi – Pilo, a primitive way of worship of the Sun and the Moon.

Fun activities to do:

Ziro offers amazing sporty activities that are again an eye popper for many tourists out there who want to have fun and are adventurous at the same time. These activities are great attraction for the tourists. The fun activities are listed down below:

  • Trekking
  • Rafting
  • Angling
  • Cycling

Simple and mouthwatering food:

The simplicity of this place and its people can be easily seen in thier food as well they do not believe in having spicy cuisines instead they have the staple food that includes rice, fish, pork and vegetables. There are hardly any spices used in traditional Apatani food. Hence the green chili accompanies every single meal. You certainly do not want to miss out on apong, local rice beer that is known to never disappoint.

Author: Banajeet

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