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Sri Nagar- A Heavenly holiday experience

There is a reason why Sri Nagar has been called “A heaven on earth”, the reason is the scenic beauty that multiple forms of nature unite to create. What makes Sri Nagar the unrivaled king of the North are the graciously dancing rivers, the mighty snow-capped mountains, the calm yet scenic lakes as well as the freshness of nature in the air. Sri Nagar is a place that offers a travel experience like no other, be it terms of the atmosphere, the natural beauty, the accommodation or simply the vibe. Sri Nagar is a paradise that must be explored by any traveler that desires to embark upon the most beautiful journey of their life.

Sri Nagar has all the shades of life- From the culturally rich and architecturally magnificent mosques and blooming gardens of the Mughal era to the beauty of nature that speaks of romance in every tone and not to miss the national parks showcasing the best of Himalayan biodiversity. This place is a perfect example to satisfy your craving for the beyond divine holiday experience that you’ve always dreamt of!

Once you reach this fascinating place that resembles a beautiful dream you will find yourself completely lost in the nature and confused as to which aspect of this stunning beauty must you explore due to the time constraints that each holiday has tied with it. Worry not folks, we bring to you a list of top 5 places in Sri Nagar that you must visit in order to make the most of your Sri Nagar experience:

  1. Wular lake- a scenic marvel


The bandipora district located in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir is a home to one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia. Fed by the blue waters of the river Jhelum, the Wular Lake was formed as the result of tectonic activity and has been a blessing for travelers ever since.

The beauty of the snow-covered valleys and green pastures as you sail across the lake will leave you awestruck. A perfect place to experience nature in its most serene form.


  1. Betaab valley – A picture perfect beauty


For all the Bollywood fans, is a hidden gem situated 15 kms from Pahalgam in the Anantag district. This scenic valley is already a star as it derived its name from the Sunny Deol- Amrita Singh starrer movie Betaab. What makes Betaab Valley a must visit destination is its picture-perfect atmosphere, that breathes romance and whispers greenery. A perfect picnic spot to enjoy a relaxing day in the arms of nature, with warm sun rays soothing you from behind the tall shooting trees all around on a rather chilly day. Need we say more?


  1. Aru Valley- where adventure begins

The adventurous souls have an ideal hub for themselves as well, the Aru Valley. Camping alert! This place is a heaven for all those looking to enjoy hiking, skiing, trekking, horse-riding and camping among the snow-capped valleys. The valley is also the starting point starting point to begin your adventures at the Kolahoi Glacier and Sonamarg Trek. The valley can be described as consisting of canopies over the head, the scent of fresh pines in the air, whispers of the native pines and conifer forests and beautiful meadows. Aru valley is a small yet one of the most popular hill stations.


  1. Nigeen Lake- it’s euphoric

What’s Sri Nagar without experiencing the Shikhara rides and house boats! Nigeen lake is the perfect place to make the most of your Shikhara and house boat experience. The lake is considered to be mildly euphoric and a host to the top most house boats in Sri Nagar. It is sometimes considered a part of the Dal lake and is connected to it via a narrow strait. The lake will make your holiday a once in a lifetime experience.


  1. Shankaracharya Temple- Close to nature, closer to the divine

Sri Nagar has a lot to offer even on the religious and spiritual front. Located at a height of 1100 feet is the Shankaracharya Temple that is believed to be one of the oldest shrines in the state. In addition to having a deep religious significance, the place is also marvel in architectural terms. The temple let’s you connect not only to the divine power but also with the majestic nature owing to its beautiful location.

Sri Nagar is a once in a lifetime holiday experience that makes you believe in the magic and beauty of nature. This destination is perfect for everyone families, adventure seekers, peace lovers, photography enthusiasts as well as couples. Explore the multiple shades of Sri Nagar to know why it is justifiably known as the heaven on earth! The holiday of your dreams awaits you…when are you planning to fulfill your dream holiday?



Author: Banajeet

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