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Pack. Set. Go…Hills calling!


As the cold breeze blows, you can hear the echoes of the hills distinctly calling your name. They invite you to be enchanted by the masterpieces of nature. The mighty mountains offer a variety of reasons for you to turn to them again and again. While treating the eyes with a picture perfect beauty they heal the soul with the much required peace that you discover as you pack your bags and escape from the everyday hustle bustle of city lives.

The hills are a destination where age becomes just a number and they have something to offer to all kinds of souls. The nature lovers, the adventure seekers, the peace seekers as well as the explorers all find their ultimate happiness in the arms of the hills.

As far as adventure goes the hillside offers a plethora of opportunities that are sure to give you an adrenal rush:

  1. Bunjee Jumping: A free fall to free it all? Imagine being tied to a rope and felling the force of gravity!
  2. River Rafting: The hills are sure the home to a wide variety of rivers, some calm and some aggressively flowing through the twists and turns of the valleys. These rivers provide some of the best river rafting experience.
  3. Para Gliding: This one’s clearly on top of everyone’s bucket list. Fly like a bird, high in the clear blue sky.

For the explorers there are a wide variety of cultures, dishes, languages and traditions to be explored in every nook and corner of these magnificent landscapes. The more you’ll explore the more you will fall in love with the simplicity of the hillside.

The nature lovers cannot find for themselves a better place than the hills. A sky full of stars and an atmosphere full of music made by a unique band of insects. The roads are full of pine cones while you trek in the middle of a lush green environment. A host to a variety of animal species and birds the hills are surely a nature paradise.

Hills are a place where the soul finds it ultimate home. Where peace meets tranquillity and where you can get mesmerised by the sheer beauty of nature.

Reasons are many and as nice as the hills sound theoretically, they are a travel destination that are better experienced than heard about. So the hills are calling, pack your bags, turn on your holiday mood and head to your favourite hill station to experience the magic. Pack. Set. Go…!

Happy Hilly Holidays

Author: Banajeet

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