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A peek into the living wonders of nature: the Wildlife


With the modernisation and industrialization of the world, the true essence of human existence is getting diminished. It is only when humans are amidst their “original” habitat, do they feel the utmost pleasure.


Nature has a soothing effect on our souls. The amazing variety of flora and fauna is a treat to the eyes of those caught up in the buzz of the material world. It is astonishing to see that in today’s busy world, people have forgotten to cherish the small moments that have great significance such as watching birds chirp, buds growing into beautiful flowers, plants dancing to the rhythm of the air whizzing past them and tonnes of more unnoticed activities in the nature that many people are unaware of or have rather chosen to ignore blinded by the wonders of the manmade environment.


The unexplored wildlife has a lot to offer to nature lovers. Bird watching, jungle safari, visit to wildlife reserves and national parks. An explorer, a true traveller can find immense pleasure in unravelling the mysteries of the rarest species and watching them in their natural habitat .Wildlife does provide a chance to discover the true beauty of nature. A holiday to explore the wildlife is sure to provide an experience of a lifetime. The star lit sky does look different from a camping site. A borne fire in the wild helps you set yourself free from the binding shackles of the society and spend a wonderful time away from societal norms.


The adventures in the wild enable you to explore a world unknown, species unseen and the sounds of creatures unheard. The four horned Antelope, the Nilgai, the one horned Rhino might just be names out of the book for you right now, but they are surely experiences that a travel to the wild can provide.


In the wild the accommodation experience is also authentic. Spending your holidays in a wooden log hut or high above on a tree house are also experiences to look forward to! One could also take the adventurous route and stay in a camp in the jungle or on the other hand choose the luxuries stays at the hotels located inside the vicinity of the wild.


If adventure is what you seek or being close to nature is what you wish, it’s time for you take a holiday and voyage into the wild. Set out for Mission Wildlife, and bring out the explorer within you.


Happy Holidays!




Author: Banajeet

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