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5 reasons why beaches are the ultimate holiday destination

Happiness indeed comes in waves and increases manifold while you are on the beach witnessing a beautiful sunset! When one thinks about holidays, beaches are the ultimate destination. The colours of the sea add a colour of joy to your life as well. Here are 5 reasons why you should plan your next vacation on a beach:

1.Furious and calming, get to see all sides of nature:

Rejuvenate in the arms of nature. Nature is complex; the same sea that is quiet and peaceful might turn wild and furious at night. The atmosphere is truly magical. Beaches are the naughtiest children of nature always filled with fun and never failing to amaze!

2.Everybody deserves a little Vitamin D and Sea:

After all the hard work you surely need to pamper yourself. Your craving for Vitamin D and Sea can only be satisfied when you sit amongst the palm trees and experience the sea breeze. Go cruising and surf the mighty waves, beaches are the place where you are spoilt for choices. The additional charm it will bring to your instagram profile is just an added advantage!

3.Water sports? Why not?

If you haven’t experienced the thrill of water sports you haven’t experience anything. The adventure that beaches provide are limitless, ranging from Riding the water in style on jet ski’s to having wings to your dreams with parasailing. You can also explore the corals and the secrets of the under water.

Banana rides, monster beach bikes, surfing, snorkelling, kayaking and the list of thrilling adventures continues to blow your mind!

4.Beach hungry: Must try cuisine:

Beneath the stars, amongst the sea and on the sand is where you can find little places of heaven: the beach shacks. These shacks serve some of the most authentic sea food of all times, fresh from the sea into your plate. There are different shacks catering to all kinds of moods and providing the most appropriate atmosphere. So you can find a perfect candle lit by the shore shack for the romantics and a loud music dance frenzy shack for the party lovers. There is something for everyone!

5.Dream Accommodation

Beach destinations provide a chance to stay at your dream accommodations with a hotel right near a beach, set on a perfect location with a swimming pool and most importantly serving some of the most authentic delicacies. Beaches are the place where the paradise of your dreams turns into a reality.

It’s time to check things off your bucket lists. Now is the time for action! Pack your swimming gears and summer hats and head to your nearest beach destination. What oxygen is to the body, travel is to the soul.

Happy holidays! Enjoy the sunshine…


Author: Banajeet

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